This was my first try over the jump and I was surprised how smooth the landing and take off were.  Since I saw it a year ago I have been fiending to hit it, but I was recovering from a fractured Vertebrae last season so was under orders to take it easy. It has taken from then until now to get up the balls to hit it. Had a major bee in my bonnet about it so I am relieved to have finally done it.  After the first time over I was ready to hit it again.

As long as you have a lot of speed you are fine.

Thanks for the photos Benny.


So after being in German speaking parts of the world for over 3 years, in an effort to learn some more vocab I am going to write the post titles in English AND Deutsche.


  1. ????? 9 years ago

    duuude i can´t believe it-you´re definitely nuttsss! haha but how cool that you did it, i would probably shit my pants, or in this case, your skigear! and all that having the other guy in mind who they had to take away with the heli

  2. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

    haha, who is that?

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