Every Day Is A Saturday – Poor Boyz Productions

Somehow the progression just keeps on coming. Check out the first air at 36secs..how big is that??!


  1. HH 7 years ago

    wow…yet another level of sick to the power of rad!

  2. Author
    ptsp 7 years ago

    Yann?? ACtually he would have said sick to the power of awesome.
    It is fairly spectacular.

  3. HH 7 years ago

    Yann stole my expression then! I’ll be having words with him ;)

    Ace vid…

  4. HH 7 years ago

    Credit where credit is due though and to be fair, Ali G did steal his look from Yann, so I give him full permission to use the expression!

  5. D-nut 7 years ago

    it’s just getting more and more ridiculous!

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