Deep Pow, Flachau

Deep Pow, Flachau
The Stash Flachauwinkl

It has been years since I hit a big jump on a snowboard but it was feeling pretty good.

If it keeps snowing like this it will be a good season. The skiis are staying at home for now.

Best powder I have ridden for many years. So deep and light.  Nico and Christof digging in.

Benjamin leaving the powder alone for a minute.

Nico and Cristof

luke checking the pow en-route to St.Anton


  1. Andy 9 years ago

    Damn, makes the kicker I was hitting at Milton Keynes look more than a little second rate. Not jealous though, not one bit ;)

  2. masta p 9 years ago

    nice fleece…I need one!

  3. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

    Check this out, Jeremy Clarkson is starting to sound like me a year ago, except with a better sense of humour:

  4. clara 9 years ago

    love the striped one!

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