Absinthe films – Neverland trailer 2009

Absinthe films – Neverland trailer 2009

ahhhhhh yeeeaaaaaa. Saw snow on the peaks as I came over the Brenner pass from Italy towards Innsbruck on Sunday. Not long now….
Picked up a new Lib Tech Travis Rice C2 banana Magnatraction board when I was out in LA as it was (is) not out here yet and the dollar is so weak that it was mega cheap. Pretty excited to try it. Weird wavy edge and tapers either side of the banana bend.  Might take a bit of getting used to. Will write a mini review after I test it. Didn’t have a day off for 4 weeks so might go up to the glacier on Friday. Maybe, maybe.


  1. L... 8 years ago

    Weird to read…our winter season ends this sunday…
    Seen Neverland – Mueller’s opening section in Japan is just crazy…soooo much snow, T Rice section is pretty good although nothing new except the way he weaseled out of crashing a few times is incredible…and Gigi Ruf towards the end is epic…almost all of his is filmed in Austria last winter when we were there…so all in all pretty good although as usual just not up to the quality and budget of TITA, but I think I will end up comparing it to every snow film I ever watch…
    Have a good winter brov…

    • Author
      ptsp 8 years ago

      Well, today is 24 degrees still here! Crazy hot for this time of year.

  2. HStar 8 years ago

    Ahhh… watching this, realy makes ne itch to go and get out there again…
    If you are up for hitting the glacier… Say the word, I’m there!


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