Sideburn mag’s Rollerburn by Grant Robinson

Sideburn mag’s Rollerburn by Grant Robinson

Unfortunately I’m skint at the moment so didn’t make it over to Rollerburn last weekend in the UK, but Grant Robinson was kind enough to send over some of his brilliantly atmospheric photos to share with you.

In Grant‘s words:

Sometimes an idea is so ridiculous it can only be a good one. Gary Inman and Ben Part from Sideburn magazine had a ridiculous idea. They called it Rollerburn in homage to the film Rollerball and it went off in Newark last weekend. What a night. Fast bikes, fast girls, great music and cold beverages. They did themselves proud and I hope they have more ridiculous ideas…long live¬†Sideburn.

BP, originally known as the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Classic.


  1. Gary Sideburn 7 years ago

    BP, also known as Ben Part. G

    • ptsp 7 years ago

      Thanks, hadn’t figured that out. BP is a Fascinating company too. despite their recent accident they have done far more good than bad to fuel civilisations advancement and to keep it running. Been reading about them for a while, hence my comment.

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