Salomon G.I.F.T project

Salomon G.I.F.T project

The GIFT Project is a new construction process from Salomon which reduces the environmental impact of building a snowboard. Salomon has done away with layers of fibreglass and petroleum based resins and has replaced them with locally sourced structural bamboo sheets. Additionally, bamboo replaces the ABS sidewalls used on traditional board construction. The GIFT project results in a 20% reduction of petroleum based materials, 25% reduction of non-renewable materials and a 10% reduction in board weight.

It is good to see companies really starting to push to think about the life cycles of their products and trying to use less resources. As long as we are not all toast in 2012, (scroll down to 2012 geophysical and cosmological speculations) then we certainly need to start using the planet better than we have.
Actually, besides using up less materials, the weight reduction aspect alone is pretty wicked and the flex of the bamboo looks like it’s got serious pop in this¬†salomon ski video.


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