Saalbach and how to fix a puncture up a mountain with no repair kit

Saalbach and how to fix a puncture up a mountain with no repair kit

The XLine in Saalbach Hinterglemm: Length: 6,3km Vertical drop: 1.025m. Lift accessed. We did 2 and a half runs in the morning.

It starts way above the treeline with some nice sweeping trails and steep rocky berms.

then drops down into the trees, with some amazing wooden platform sections.
Loads more photos below.

It has quite a few jumps on the way down. Benny hitting one of em.

First of 2 punctures for Benny. We had one spare inner tube.


Marco came down for the weekend from Frankfurt.

Anita, Jule and little Henry met up with us for lunch.

I took my old broken Lumix. It crashes after around 30 seconds of being turned on and then needs to be turned off and on again before it works, which makes taking photos pretty tricky. I have to say though, it was really nice to have a small enough camera I could just take in and out of my pocket while riding. Took way more photos than if I had taken my 550D, and it also allowed more spontaneous shots.

In the afternoon we went for a mission around the valley and deeper into the wild,

Benny got his 2nd puncture of the day. This time we had no spare inner tube and we were REALLY far away from anything.

Craig had the ingenious idea of tying a knot in the tube, and even though it then took us a good 45mins to get the tyre back on, we could then pump it up and the air stayed in, allowing us to ride all the way down to the town at a decent speed.

Amazing and crazy day overall. Nuff other shit went on, but I’m knackered and it’s time to sleep.


  1. joshua 8 years ago

    man, these photos make me want to pack my bags and move from phoenix to austria. gorgeous pics. i always enjoy these amazing photos you post.

    • Author
      ptsp 8 years ago

      Go for it dude, lots of space on the trails.
      Happy you like the pics.

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