RSD Desmo Tracker

RSD Desmo Tracker

Loved the concept behind this bike when I first heard about it, (turn a Ducati Demosedici into a tracker) but the work in progress shots left me far from convinced that they were on the right path with it. I still prefer the original swingarm too, but as usual with Roland Sands, the craftmanship on this bike is superb and the bike turned out really well. Must be an absolute blast to ride. Video and more pictures here.


  1. chuckie 7 years ago

    Pure sickness!The pain scheme is very off-putting but still…good job.

  2. Michael 6 years ago

    Agreed, the bike is sick but the paint scheme is ridiculously ugly. It needs to be all red or a flat black or something less gawdy. Who cares if it’s Italian colors, they suck.

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