Rainy August weekend with my fam

Rainy August weekend with my fam

My sister Cla popped over for the weekend from the UK, which Henry really enjoyed.

The weather was shite so we went for a trip to some ice caves outside Salzburg.

Henry came too. It was below freezing in the caves but it was also cold outside. Went from Summer to Winter here in a few days. Snow on the peaks already this morning too and it’s only August!

Went for a drink in Hanger 7


  1. Nacho 8 years ago

    Great pics Piers! I think that Salzburg helps a lot to do very good pics especially the first one. I miss so much that city…

  2. clara 8 years ago

    I have never so enjoyed being puked on! No but actually – was amazing to see you. So much love x

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