Vote for Nelson Piquet Jr. Nascar designs. By -273 / Kiska

Vote for Nelson Piquet Jr. Nascar designs. By -273 / Kiska

Vote for Nelson Piquet Jr’s 2010 Nascar paint scheme here, and follow his progress from Miami to Darlington, Long Beach to Texas on

Poll is now closed!

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  1. Maureen Bond 8 years ago

    The paint design on No 1 would have to add at least an extra 10 mph to the vehicles speed.

  2. lucas 8 years ago

    no1. brazilian green and yellow really rocks.

  3. Sandro 8 years ago

    o N° 4!! // The number 4

  4. Daniel 8 years ago

    Number 3.

  5. Melbrazil 8 years ago

    #2²²²²²²²²²²²² DEFINELY!!!! =D

  6. michel khodair 8 years ago

    number 3

  7. Blackbird 8 years ago

    Number 3 is the best, but it’s missing the green/yellow stripes, so I voted for # 1.

  8. Sandra 8 years ago

    #4 is really beautiful.

  9. Anthony Ganino 8 years ago

    Creative flair on No.3 emphasizes speed!

  10. Fabrício 8 years ago

    O numero 6.

  11. HH 8 years ago

    Not nearly redneck enough, more flames!!! ;) I have voted no.1 for the record.

  12. koskesh 8 years ago

    how do you say ‘redneck’ in portuguese?

  13. Nazih 8 years ago

    number 01


    I prefer the draft #1. Snipe arrows sends to high speed! Be sure that he will drive with #1 in 2011 (champion of the season!). Good luck Nelson Jr! Don’t give up! Go ahead and just drive as you know. You have a brillant presente and future!

  15. Dedo Jr. 8 years ago

    Nº1/the number ONE!! Brazilian green and yellow really rocks. GOOO Nelsinhooo!! I´m rooting for you!!!

  16. Edson Mioshi 8 years ago

    Hi Nelsinho!
    Hummm ! Its number 1 its good color combination but,
    In concept design car Im preference is number 5!

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