Mauno Hermunen

Mauno Hermunen

Fuck yea, badass supermoto scrubbin by Mauno Hermunen!



  1. Supermoto Central 5 years ago

    top picture is actually Mauno Hermunen, the fluo yellow rider is nastran :)

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      thanks for setting it straight

  2. Mugget 5 years ago

    That is gnarly! I always thought those guys were crazy enough riding concrete whoops, never-mind scrubbing!!

  3. Aurélio 2 years ago

    Could you send me the 2nd photo in a bigger resolution, please? I’d love to use it as wallpaper. Note: sometimes I connect my laptop to big TVs, so the bigger, the better. :D Thanks in advance.

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