This Is Peaty – Episode One 2012

This Is Peaty – Episode One 2012

Funny seeing Sheffield. I spent nearly 4 years of my life there at university and haven’t been back since. The peak district is gorgeous and it was a fun city to be at times, especially in the summer, but at other times, like when you wouldn’t see blue sky for months on end, and you and everyone you knew were bouncing off their overdraft limit every month it was grim as hell. Anyway, Steve Peat, the man the myth, the legend comes from there so that’s something good going for it.

This Is Peaty Episode One takes you on an international whirlwind adventure. Starting at the legendary Ingle Gym, Sheffield, along with close friend and Heavyweight boxer David Howe, Steve hasn’t been slacking in the off-season, that’s for sure.

Getting in quality Downhill runs in the UK is tough for someone like Steve, who’s nearest uplift is almost 2 hours away… So any excuse to head for San Romolo has to be a good one. Staying over at Argentina Bike with SPS rider James Swinden in tow, one Piaggio purchase later and a few amazing days in the sun, the season was off to a solid start…


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