Just got back from a week on the Volcanic Island of Tenerife. I have loads of photos and will probably put up some more up when I get the chance.
The economy is so messed up all over the world, and Tenerife is no exception. I guess they are hurting pretty bad with the lack of people and massive over development in some areas. Especially with the collapse of XL airlines and all the others, it will be hard to fill the multitude of wickedly ugly new developments there. The island itself is stunning and so diverse from the top of the Volcano, down to the sea shore and from Lava rocks in one bay, to beaches in another, Las Vegas style developments in the south and small hippy surf villages in the North. Jule’s brother Paul is studying there so we stayed with him and had a solid tour of the local spots, including some reef breaks at which I felt well out of my depth!

Paul Cruising…

….and ripping Kelly Slater style. Check the rock sticking out on the left.. I nearly impaled myself on it shortly afterwards.


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