Sideburn’s Dirt Quake by Grant Robinson

Sideburn’s Dirt Quake by Grant Robinson

Massive thank you to Grant Robinson for sharing his photos and writing a report on Sideburn‘s Dirtquake race meeting last weekend. Love the photos. It looks like the event was brilliant. When is Dirtquake the sequel (the revenge of dirtquake?) planned?

“So it goes a little something like this.
My buddy Tim from SpiritOfThe70’s and I were talking about going to SideBurn’s Dirt Quake event. Tim’s got the flattrack bug and has built himself an SR500. It’s a piece of shit, hardly ever starts and gives him electric shocks, but it’s got soul and that’s all you can ask for. He was keen and wanted to get a proper race under his belt before the big 40 and he didn’t want to do it alone. Without a bike I was going for the spectacle until Tim said, “Hey, Martin (Spirit’s mechanic) is building an old 250-2banger. I’ll ask him if you can race it. It’s completely the wrong bike but it would be fun”. Well the ‘250-2banger’ turned out to be an RD400 bored to 430 and as Martin put it, “I’ve done a little extra work on it”. Well, that “little work” has turned it into one of the craziest 2strokers I’ve ever ridden and I had to put it sideways on a dirt oval. Good luck with that. So funny.”

“Some of the craziest and most beautiful bikes I’ve ever seen taken round a racetrack. Choppers, the Sideburn FT500 and Royal Enfield, Dimitri Coste’s BSA, a Ninja and the CorpsesFromHell boys on their pizza delivery bikes. I think normally in conditions like this the racing would have been called off but there were too many people hanging their entire year on this for it not to go ahead. I’ve heard people came from as far as Germany, France and Italy to race and show off their bikes. To be honest I don’t really remember who won or anything like that but holy shit was it ever fun. Highlights? Getting to wear my sweet green leathers and 24carat gold leaf helmet at the same time…if you can’t beat them with speed then blind them with beauty…or something like that. Watching my teammate Tim bin it in the second corner of the first race. Shouldn’t find it funny but I do ’cause that means I’m our team’s Number 1 rider…cue fame, fortune and naked ladies. Dimitri Coste’s BSA. Mental. Ben Part and Dimitri Coste’s chopper dual that unfotutnately ended prematurely when Coste’s shifter snapped. Some other dude on a chopper that was so chopped it looked like his front wheel had fallen off.  The one and half laps I led before the red mist descended and I binned it. Paper plate number boards. Tim Neave and his riding style. Gary Inman running the number 13. The band that played the final set. I could go on but I won’t.  One of the best days I’ve had on a motorbike. A HUGE thank you has to go to Gary Inman and Ben Part at Sideburn for their unbound enthusiasm that makes days like this happen. Because the heats happened so quickly I didn’t get off my bike whilst the other classes raced so FlatTel has put a flickr link up with a bunch of stuff I didn’t get the chance to shoot. Enjoy. G”


  1. grant 5 years ago

    morning grant

    just a quick word about dirt quake

    saw you on the rd our guys just thought wow stupid midlander …brummy he’s mental bringing that

    the paddock “mud bath” was so busy so no one could meet each other
    plus it was so fuckin’ cold

    will meet you next time at one of the do’s

    grant “the tool guy” if you speak to gary

    nice one

    • grant 5 years ago

      I probably was a bit mental, that bike is insane. It’s a piece of gold wearing a turd jacket. Martin has it tuned to within an inch of it’s life, it’s so fast. Hope you had as good a day as us. Say hello next time.

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