S383 – Sylvain Berneron 2012 Diploma Project

S383 – Sylvain Berneron 2012 Diploma Project

A big thank you to Sylvain for the sending me these images of his Diploma project to share with you exclusively on DDC.
You can click to view them bigger.

This concept has the following innovations:
– 2X2X2 architecture (2 powered and guiding wheels)
– Variable wind penetration (aero brakes on the sides)
– Movable seat (it follows the rider’s body on the sides while cornering, improving weight transfert)
– All integrated wheels (suspensions in the tires / engine and brakes included in the same unit, one for each wheel)
– The whole chassis is a single fixed part, including batteries and controllers.

“I have been doing nothing but working during the last 6 weeks and here is the result, full size clay model made AT home!”

Sylvain asked me if I could also include a Poll to find out what you thought of his project. I advised him against it, but this was his reply. Brave man.

I know in one hand it might be hard to accept if i get some massive bad feedback, but in the other I really want to know what people think about it and it is probably the only chance I have. And with the time I learned how to take a bit of distance with my work, so if you don’t mind, i guess I’ll take the risk!

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“technical comparison, explaining “inspired by a horse” architecture I used.”
Click the link below to watch a time-lapse video of the project.


I think a designer has to be much more than just a good draftsman dealing with volumes and proportions, he is the one looking at the whole picture, analyzing past and present to understand what our future needs will be and taking directions from there to fulfill them.

I wrote a proper diploma thesis about “the after petroleum-fuelled motorcycle era”, so if some of you guys are interested in digging deeper into this, I’ll send it to you. As a quick mention, I have been riding and racing motorcycles for almost 15 years, and as much as I love petrol engines, I think the future of our sport will have to radically evolve if we want to keep having fun!


  1. Jeyyyy 6 years ago

    Ahhh yyeesssss comme ca me fait kiffer de decouvrir ca de cette maniere ! Moi qui etait grave chaud pour voir l evolution.t as assurer man !! Bravo pour ton taff, moi , je dis oui !

    Good job buddy i hope to see your work, in daa streeeeet ! But please… Think about a real and old school fuel engine ! Ask hugo for a big and noisy one ! ( nope i’ll never renounce ahah ! )

  2. Memmling 6 years ago

    What specific program is Sylvain graduating from?

    Where are the best industrial design (moto design) schools or programs?

    The work has paid off…beautiful results!

    • ptsp 6 years ago

      transportation design MA degree at Strate College (close to paris)

  3. David 6 years ago

    I think it is a really cool concept bike. I like a lot that Sylvain tried to explore new paths, that is always difficult. I also love the way he presented the sketches and different proposals. Great job!

  4. marco wilhelm 6 years ago

    very nice concept, respect for the 1:1 model!

    i love how you treated the classic fuel tank silhouette/volume for an electric motorcycle, just created something similar on my last semester project at university ;)

  5. Henrique 6 years ago

    Hell yeah! super nice project, I kinda don’t enjoy so much the steering being attached directly to the front wheel, but that might surprise us when we ride it…keep it up. Best regards from Rio de Janeiro, Peace

  6. Marcus 6 years ago

    Great style on those sketches and mockup! Love the it!

  7. sagitt lucero 6 years ago

    good job nice concept..

  8. Michael 3 years ago

    I am in currently heading into my 3rd year of my Transportation Design degree at Humber College, Toronto, ON. I discovered my passion for motorcycle at age 5 and and know I need to make it my career/lifestyle. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send your thesis “the after petroleum-fuelled motorcycle era” to see what I can learn from your approach.


    oh yea, and a hell of a bike, totally agree with your view of petrol vs. electric, nothing negative to say here, thumbs up

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