RD.6 MX Nationals – Red Bud MX Park, Buchanan, Michigan.

RD.6 MX Nationals – Red Bud MX Park, Buchanan, Michigan.

Red Bull/KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey wowed the crowd to claim a claim 1-1 result for his fourth straight victory of the season in 450 Motocross class at the sixth round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series held at Red Bud MX Park, Buchanan, Michigan.

While Dungey snatched his seventh and eighth moto wins of the season in searing temperatures while a heat wave affects much of the USA, Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen also pulled off another top five result in the 250 cc class.

Dungey qualified fastest in the morning practice sessions and proved that he was the man to beat when he won both motos in brutal 38 degree Celsius temperatures at Red Bud MX Park. He then grabbed the holeshot and surged to an early lead in the first moto, led the entire way and crossed the line 45 seconds ahead of his next rival.

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He was third at the first corner in the second heat but slipped past Christian Craig to move up to second in lap 2 before passing Mike Alessi for the lead one lap later. From that point Dungey never looked back and took the flag 3 seconds over the second placed rider.

“It feels good to get another win here at Red Bud,” remarked Dungey after the first moto win. “I am really happy with my bike set-up today. The conditions are tough and I know it’s only going to be hotter and rougher for the second moto. I want to give a shout out to all the fans that are here today. They are amazing lining the fence and cheering us on in this heat.”

Dungey’s victory at Red Bud strengthened his lead in the championship points and allows him to continue to carry the red plate to round seven of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series held in his home state of Minnesota on July 14, 2012.

Solid top fives for Musquin and Roczen
Despite the heat, rRed Bull/KTM’s Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen were also in good form to finish 4th and 5th respectively overall in the 250 Motocross class.

French rider Musquin claimed the holeshot in the opening moto and held the lead for the first two laps before losing a position to Justin Barcia. Meanwhile, his Red Bull/KTM teammate was not far behind in 4th place at the end of the second lap. The two KTM teammates battled inside the top five right through the moto but it was Roczen ahead of Musquin in a 3-4 finish at the end of the race. The tables turned in the second moto. Musquin again got off to a great start and rounded the first turn in third position. He fought around the position the entire moto eventually only dropping one spot to finish 4th. His 4-4 finishes earned him fourth place for the day.

“I am very happy to get fourth today,” reported Musquin. “I am getting closer to a podium spot each week. I had some great starts today and I just need to work on my speed at the end of the moto to compete for a podium spot.”

Roczen, KTM’s teenager from Germany did not get away well in the second moto and had to carve through the pack from tenth place to eventually finish sixth overall. It was the first time this season that Roczen had not finished on the podium.

“I am bummed to not finish on the podium,” remarked Roczen. “This race was challenging today. It was hot and humid and in the second moto it got really rough and was hard to make passes. I am glad to still finish in the top five and I know where I can make improvements. I am looking forward to the next few rounds.”

Next Event: Millville, MN – July 14, 2012

Overall Results 450 Motocross Class –
1, Ryan Dungey – 1-1 (KTM)
2, Justin Brayton – 3-4
3, James Stewart – 6-3
4, Tyla Rattray – 4-5
5, Mike Alessi – 11-2
6, Broc Tickle – 5-9
7, Cole Thompson – 7-8
8, Josh Grant – 9-7
9, Andrew Short – 12-6
10, Jake Weimer – 2-20
11, Michael Byrne – 10-10
12, Kyle Chisholm – 15-11
13, Christian Craig – 16-13
14, Robert Kiniry – 8-23
15, Nick Wey – 17-14

Overall Point Standings 450 Motocross Class –
1, Ryan Dungey – 286
2, Mike Alessi – 214
3, Jake Weimer – 202
4, Andrew Short – 178
5, Broc Tickle – 162
Overall Results 250 Motocross Class –
1, Blake Baggett – 1-1
2, Justin Barcia – 2-2
3, Eli Tomac – 5-3
4, Marvin Musquin – 4-4 (KTM)
5, Ken Roczen – 3-6 (KTM)
6, Wil Hahn – 6-5
7, Gareth Swanpoel – 9-7
8, Blake Wharton – 7-12
9, Jessy Nelson – 12-9
10, Travis Baker – 11-10
11, Kyle Peters – 8-13
12, Tommy Weeck – 19-8
13, Jason Anderson – 10-17
14, Malcolm Stewart – 40-11 (KTM)
Other KTM
16, Zack Freeberg – 17-16 (KTM)
18, Jacob Hayes – 14-21 (KTM)

Overall Point Standings 250 Motocross Class –
1, Blake Baggett – 272
2, Justin Barcia – 253
3, Eli Tomac – 236
4, Ken Roczen – 235
5, Marvin Musquin – 189


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