Porsche GT3RS Cup

Porsche GT3RS Cup


My friend is selling his 385hp Porsche GT3RS if anyone is interested. If you can afford it (Counts me out, I’m as broke as ever) you might as well have some fun while you still can I guess. It’s an amazing car and it’s been kept in brilliant condition, as he’s obviously a big fan of this particular vehicle. If you’ve not had the pleasure of owning and driving a Porsche before, now’s the time – in fact, any time is the time.

So take a look and see how you feel about it. Whether you’re used to the fun of driving a rumbling v8 or you’re an indoors type more fond of watching Top Gear and playing a bit of foxy, this is your chance to own a truly wonderful vehicle. Shame I can’t have it, but there’s no harm in making sure someone else gets the chance to own a car like this. Offers below.

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  1. Andy Watson-Smith 9 years ago

    How about a swap for a 1994 Cannondale Delta-V? It’s taking up space we don’t have and would be an economical way of getting around.

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