PJ’s Raikkonen-Robertson’s F-BMW Test – Pembrey, Wales

PJ’s Raikkonen-Robertson’s F-BMW Test – Pembrey, Wales

From PJ:

Thanks to Kimi, Raikkonen-Robertson Racing and Toby Warrington for making this happen and teasing me with that Dallara F3




  1. Trey 8 years ago

    Love the blog- haven’t been through all the archives, but I was wondering if you have a little piece on the inspiration/birth of -273, but I don’t mean the quotes, rather more about the beginnings of the idea- the why’s, what the brand is about, where it’s going, etc. That would be cool.
    Best of luck and keep it up.

  2. HH 8 years ago

    Awesome Pej and I like the team motto on the wall. Do they keep supporting the ‘getting on’ talent as well?! I am only just a little bit jealous!

    I am doing a half day at Bill Gwynne Rally school next month, no downforce but plenty of dirt!

  3. PJR 8 years ago

    …I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere near that stage with you on it HH- years of pent-up motoring anger comin out on gravel…sure it’ll be sweet tho, have fun and take pics…

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