PJ and -273 take P1 over Hamilton for the cover of Arai 2010 catalog

…so when Arai Helmets chose PJ over Lewis Hamilton for the cover of their 2010 UK Catalog, PJ felt it was only right he stopped by to console the former F1 World Champion, who was featured on the back cover.




-273 went along for the ride.


  1. mksim 6 years ago

    Amazing !
    Perfect exposure for -273

  2. Author
    ptsp 6 years ago

    Thanks man, the trouble is our guerilla marketing is good and we get loads of exposure, but nobody has a clue what -273 is :)
    Actually, I am not sure WE even know exactly.
    Think we need to start using the url too on the next stickers.

  3. koskesh 6 years ago

    …apparently when Lewis asked what the helmet says on the back…PJ said ‘Death to America’…some McLaren staff were not impressed…

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