Oktoberfest (sort of)

Oktoberfest (sort of)

Hopped on a train for a quick hour and a half trip to Munich to meet up with Jeff Lin from Hybrid Studios (who I have known for 4 years and spoken to many, many times online, but up until today had never met in person) and MP from BMW.

Octoberfest is on in full effect, so we headed over to check it out, but no ticket for a tent means no beer, so after battling the crowds we bailed to a nearby bar to have some beers.

We ended up for dinner at the slighty bizarre but well designed and fairly grand Lenbach restuarant in Munich.
Some of Carsten from Tisch13..

After about 4 hours sleep I hopped back over to Salzburg and climbed up a mountain to the snowline with Jule.


  1. mp 9 years ago

    good skills man, I did climb/crawl out of bed but went nowhere near a mountain or snowline after that… good fun yesterday though!

  2. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

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