MXGP – Great Britain, qualifying photos

Pourcel and Roczen seize pole at Matterley Basin. All photos R.Archer.


  1. zacher 5 years ago

    I like pourcel !

  2. Author
    admin 5 years ago

    yea, he is a badass for sure. SHows how shit that yamaha is.

  3. zacher 5 years ago

    gonna be a tough year for TC222 in 2012… pourcels gonna kill it !

  4. Author
    admin 5 years ago

    yea, just wish he had done it in america to show that the europeans are just as fast. seems they all get injured or choke when they go over. hopefully roczen will be the exception.

  5. zacher 5 years ago

    he defenitely did… SX and Outdoors just couldnt make it happen on the shit50 this year

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