If you ride motorcycles because they are fun, nothing is as fun as a flat-out assault on a motocross track on a KTM 150SX.

I can 2nd that!!!
Full test of the 2012 KTM 150 here. Wish there were some tracks open here still so I could ride mine but they are all now shut for the winter.


  1. patrick 4 years ago

    now that’s interesting: the 150sx from 2011 seems to have more power AND weighs 5 pounds less than the 2012 model. maybe skip the linkage and get “last year’s” one instead?

    • ptsp 4 years ago

      I wouldn’t it’s so light anyway an so much power, more than enough and u can tune the linkage with a pro circuit linkage bar which is a bit longer to smooth it out and lighter. The linkage is really better I found. Guess will hold resell value better too

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