MX Race Antoine Meo KTM EXC 125 vs 250 4 strokes

MX Race Antoine Meo KTM EXC 125 vs 250 4 strokes

Antoine Meo riding a 125 2 stroke EXC still with the headlight and plate still on at a French Mx race. Finished 7th overall. Would have been much fairer being able to ride a 150SX against all the 250 4 strokes, but impressive result anyway.


  1. Rider315 6 years ago

    That was frickin’ bad ass! Most ppl don’t realize how fast 125’s are, but hard to ride – very unforgiving if you’re not accurate with your gear selection. He would have destroyed these guys if he was on the 150! Now THAT’s the weapon of choice!

  2. Patrick 6 years ago

    Soo good to hear a healthy sounding stroker being thrown around the track like that. So rare to get 2stroke gopro footage these days. Big ups for racing an EXC and being that fast!

    • ptsp 6 years ago

      Yea it’s pretty cool. Has a photo I him on his bike in the race at that 2stroke mx link. Funny he didn’t remove the light and plate surely couldn’t have been hard but maybe he figured it wouldn’t make much difference I guess.

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