Motocross des Nations 2009, Franciacorta -Italy

Motocross des Nations 2009, Franciacorta -Italy

Just got back from the Motocross of Nations in Italy. There was some brilliant racing between Reed and Cairoli and there were some massive crashes in the final. Knackered right now after the weekend and a 5 hour drive, but here are a few photos I shot with my little Panasonic DMC-T27 point and shoot. More later.


Musquin owned all on the first day on his KTM and took the MX2 overall for the weekend.



Reed and Cairoli were swapping the lead back and forth but the Italian Cairoli came out on top at his home race to the cheers of the Italian crowd


There was a massive double step-up on the track. Not many people were doing the double to start with.

Cairoli was. Laying it flat.

Spot the rider. That’s a seriously big jump!

Jake Weimer

Tommy Searle above the crowds. There were 70 000 people there apparently on the Sunday.


  1. Chris 8 years ago

    Awesome. Would have loved to have been there! Went a couple of years ago to Matterley Basin.

    Have you seen the book Motocross – 2004 Grand Prix Review by Adam Wheeler? I kind of commisioned this book – designed it and paged it. Kind of my claim to fame in the MX world. We where going to start a series but timings didn’t work… Just thought I’d share.

    • Author
      ptsp 8 years ago

      Hey Chris, yea, was some brilliant racing. Was crazy packed, getting from one side to the other was a serious mission but the atmosphere was amazing. I havent seen the book but will check it out.

  2. Chris 8 years ago

    Sounds ace. Would love to get to Thunder Valley for next years.

    The best racing I watched was the Brit GP over on the Isle of Wight – Atmosphere was unreal. you could see lots of the track and the weather was beautiful, that must be 4/5 years ago now…

    Its an old book but I still have all the original photography – some really nice shots. I also designed the cover for the Jamie Dobb book. Would love to get some more MX related work.

    Nice one!

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