Marvin Musquin injury update

Marvin Musquin injury update

Musquin hit the rear tire of Barcia’s bike head on as Barica’s bike lifted off the ground resulting in a bad crash for both riders. Musquin was immediately hauled off in the medical cart for further evaluation. The results showed a broken thumb and an estimated recovery time of 8-9 weeks.

“I am very disappointed in this race. I felt very confident today and was really excited about this season and racing in the U.S. I just recovered from an ACL injury and can’t believe that I am hurt again. I am sad that it is not my fault and just a racing accident that I couldn’t avoid. I will do my best to recover to 100% as soon as possible so I can return to racing and put on a good race for the fans,” Musquin reported.

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  1. Zacher 6 years ago

    Let’s hope hes back in 8-9 weeks… all I know is that they dont know… he had to get surgery done aswell !

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