KTM Freeride electric bike

KTM Freeride electric bike

The Kiska designed KTM Electric bike is sitting next to my desk this morning so I thought I would take a few pics for you. I rode an early prototype of this bike a couple of years ago which was brilliant. Loads of power and it was also super light so handled really well too. The only downside then was the battery not lasting too long, but 2 years later this has been massively improved I believe. Looking forward to trying out a new version as soon as it is released.

This and the (hopefully) eventual other versions of this bike can’t come soon enough either for this post peak oil world. Over the next decade, the only way the oil supply is heading is down and the only way the petrol prices are heading is up.


  1. zacher 7 years ago

    man I cant wait to throw that thing arround some track sometime… we sould get a track inbetween the kiska and that newspaper building hahahaha

  2. herecomesduncan 7 years ago

    Yeah, supercool. Better wear cycling shorts lookin at that seat tho :) The SM feels like a big MTB some days, can’t imagine how flickable this would be.

    This and the previous post have just highlighted how ‘average’ my worklife is… please don’t post anything else, you’re killing us :)

    On a side note how are you getting the front end up on the Duke? – the SM’s front barely wants to leave terra firma.

  3. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    @zacher, for sure! I suggested that 2 years ago when I first rode it, wish they would hurry up and release it!

    @Duncan, just pop it into 1st or 2nd and blip the throttle at the same time as letting out the clutch. You need to have the clutch held at exactly the edge where it bites as the power comes on and let it out then. In 1st it comes straight up (be careful, with your foot ready on the back brake if it comes up too much), and in 2nd too if you give it a decent amount of throttle. You can always go up a tooth on the back sprocket too. the duke does have some more HP though : )

  4. herecomesduncan 7 years ago

    Mmm, I think my SM’s power delivery is probably too smooth and I struggle to get a ‘light switch’ reaction, it just wants to hook up and drive (no bad thing in reality)…

    … the truth is I reckon I need to keep practising :)

  5. zacher 7 years ago

    yo duncan what SM do u have man ? It is hard to get the duke up esp the twin… but on the SM it usually is the other way around hahaha

  6. herecomesduncan 7 years ago

    ok, ok – I need to practise, I understand… apologies to all involved :)

    oh, It’s a 690SM – wouldn’t mind a go on a 450 SMR race bike to feel the difference

  7. zacher 7 years ago

    haha no need to apologise just get your ass in neutral psoition on your made to do wheelies 690SM move back three more inches on the seat and do what piers told you… :D

  8. ptsp 7 years ago

    Rather than me explain how to do them, I asked the meister himself, Rok Bagoroš if he would like to share some tips on how to do good wheelies and he said he would send me something in the next days. Need to find a nice wheelie photo to go with it. Maybe an unused one from Barcelona Zacher? : )

  9. herecomesduncan 7 years ago

    Cool – looks like my incompetence has sparked something off :)

    Thanks for the tips, messages understood, over and out!…

    …actually not over and out, that’d be a loop and we don’t want that.

  10. Marcus 7 years ago

    That is super fresh design! LOVE IT!

    Steal those farings and mount them on your 690, P! That would look great!


  11. Henrique 7 years ago

    Hey Piers! so cool man, I knew it had something to do with you. Me and my friend want to order two, can you link me to someone that can help us get it shiped to brazil? best regards from Rio. Henrique

  12. ptsp 7 years ago

    Hi Henrique, nice to hear from you. I would love to help you buy 2 bikes, but they are not available yet. Not sure exactly when but I’m pretty sure it wont be this year. I will for sure post when I know when it is available. The longer they wait, the better it will be though : )

  13. Jason 7 years ago

    I think not only could this bike “not come soon enough”, it *didn’t* come soon enough. Too much time spent fooling with the design. I got tired of waiting, and was deeply disappointed that the latest version has strayed so far from the prototype which looked perfect. I bought a Zero instead. The prototype that looked just like my 200EXC would have filled all my needs. Now I have both the EXC and the Zero DS. The EXC isn’t getting much use anymore… I suspect that it will be replaced sometime soon by a Zero MX now that they’re street legal. No nonsense engineering without flashy (heavy) styling for the sake of styling. So sad that KTM has abandoned “engineered for fun” for “styling for looks”. The battery excuse is just that, a lame excuse. There haven’t been any major battery advances in the last 2 years. There simply are no “massive” improvements around. Perhaps 10% better, nothing more than that.

  14. ptsp 7 years ago

    @ Jason the reason the bike has taken a while to come out has absolutely nothing to do with the design. The showbike in the photos was designed, built and presented over a year ago and no design has been done since then, only engineering improvements. The design was by far the smallest part of this bikes development. It’s ironic your comment about styling taking over from engineering, since the entire reason this bike looks as it does is due to the new functionality of the various pieces of this bike. They were obviously not going to put on the market a version of the bike with radiator shrouds and a petrol tank from other bikes as the prototype had since this bike has no radiator or petrol tank and instead has some smart construction for simple battery swaps and other features. Those prototype bike pieces would not have fitted the new frame and so new molds have to be made anyway and you obviously cant launch a new bike with plastics from an older generation and different model of bike.

  15. Jason 7 years ago

    Whether by “design” we mean “styling” or “engineering”, the fact remains that KTM has been beaten to market by a guy in a shed. Ok the “guy” is a genuine rocket scientist, but still. Not beaten by a week or a month, but by 3 years (so far…). I can walk into a shop today and ride out on a fully road legal dirtbike from Zero. Hey, I’ve *already* done that. I’m a died in the wool, full on KTM fanatic. Almost all my friends are on orange bikes. Would I take the gamble on my next one and buy a new to market KTM or a proven Zero? While I might gamble on something new if there was no alternative, right now if I’m going to blow a year’s savings, it’s going on a bike with the runs on the board.

  16. ptsp 7 years ago

    There are not many advantages in being first to market, and I guess KTM decided if they were going to launch an electric bike it had to be seriously good first as the risk and expense of putting out a bike like this is extremely high particularly with the global economy as fucked as it is still. For what it’s worth I think quantya were on the market before Zero too as were vectrix who already went bankrupt once. Based on the prototype I rode almost 3 years ago now I’m pretty sure the finished bike is going to blow all the others out of the water. I hope the wait is worth it as much as you do because I wouldn’t mind buying one myself either if it’s as good as I think it will be. I never for a second considered a zero for the street because my 2010 duke cost way less and is just so far above a zero its beyond comparison and offroad the exc is also a league above a zero. Even though it’s a completely new category of bike opening up so many new riding possibilities due to the silent engines, I dont think most mx and enduro riders will really get into electric bikes until they are around the same performance as a 125 2 stroke and even then if they cost a lot more demand for them will be limited.

  17. Henrique 7 years ago

    @piers dude, can’t wait…until it is released, i will keep thinking on the opensource version of it we are design in brazil =) letsevo! I will keep you updated too

  18. Jason 7 years ago

    Yeah, sorry, I came over a bit of a duche as the Americans would say. I think it’s going to be *fantastic* but it’s so new that not many people will want to take it up. Still everyone who’s ridden my Zero (oh, one exception… almost everyone) has come away loving it. It’s such a different experience and nothing like what you expect. Whatever, I’m pretty sure I’ll trade the 200 for an electric if they are street legal.

  19. Ray Ivers 7 years ago

    Beautiful vaporware, at least so far.

    At age 53 I don’t have the luxury of waiting years for KTM to quite probably not release the bike in the U.S. at all (per phone conversation with KTM USA last month). I guess I’ll have to go with Quantya or Zero, even though I’d much rather have the KTM.

    I think at this price level, KTM might do well to consider that many of the people actually paying for these bikes will be older, and a whole lot of them will be in the USA.

    Sorry for the negativity, but I’ve looked forward to getting this bike for over 2 years now and built a track round my property just for it, and now to realize it’s just not going to happen… it’s been a big disappointment.

  20. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    @Ray, 53 is not so old, I guess it will be released while you are still young. I hope they get it released soon too, i’m not getting any younger either!

  21. Brian 7 years ago

    Look how long the two strokes dominated the MX scene until by necessity the big manufactures had to make a four stroke really perform. If KTM and the other major manufactures get behind this idea (got to assume battery advances) it won’t be long and you’ll see electrics at the track. The bike pictured looks like something you could actually line up next to a modern MX bike and not look out of place, not so much with the Zero.

  22. andrin 7 years ago

    Does anyone know when it finally comes??? I cant find any news. Come on ktm!!

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      sorry man, I guess they are still working it out. Will tell you more as soon as I find out myself.

  23. Bryan 7 years ago

    As an owner of three Zeros, I’ve been waiting for a loooooong time for the KTM, in the hopes that its really an mx/offroad bike that is electric powered. As fun as the Zeros are, they are still something short of a full-on dirt bike (the heritage of mountain bike founders), although they have made great strides to get a lot closer than they were at rev 1.0.

    At this point, I too am tired of waiting, and am trying out a Quantya next week. I hope KTM gets this out soon!

  24. Thomas 6 years ago

    we are waiting 4 Informations about this bike.
    Please!!! give us an update 4 our offroad-onlinemagazin.
    it`s boring to talk about Quantya & Co, but we still want to support e-bikes !!!! so we need your help in this case
    Regards Thomas

  25. Liam 6 years ago

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