I went riding with Jochi from ktm and 2 other Kiska designers a couple of weeks ago and was well impressed how fast Jochi was. We had a 350 EXC, Barny’s tuned 125 EXC and a couple of secret R & D bikes. I thought I would be into the 350 exc 4 stroke the most but on the trails we were riding I far preferred the super light 2 stroke 125. Anyway, funny little vid they made here. Guys like this help to make KTM offroad bikes as good as they are because they both love riding and both know the sport inside out. The other day in a meeting I asked them what bikes they preferred and they both said if they were putting down their own money, it would be for a 2 stroke. They both liked the 250F a lot too though.

Ken Roczen and Cairoli having clinched the MX1 and MX2 championships last weekend will as far as I know both race 2 strokes in the last round of the MXGP’s. Curious how well they can do, if they were on similar cc 2 strokes to the 4 strokes they would kick ass I think, but since Roczen will be on a 125cc against 250f’s and Cairoli on a 250cc against 450F’s it will be quite tough for them. Should be brilliant to watch anyway and they will stand out a mile with the 2 stroke engine sounds.


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