KTM at 3rd round AMA SUpercross Los Angeles, CA

KTM at 3rd round AMA SUpercross Los Angeles, CA

Didn’t see the race yet, but it is quite clear already that Villopoto is wickedly fast this year. Stewart was always a league above everyone else in my opinion, but it seems that may be the case no more. For KTM, Roczen is getting better every race and Short, well, he has a hell of a lot of competition!


  1. patrick 7 years ago

    what an amazing race!! some mad passing going on there, but all very fair!
    need to go and see roczen in the lites now.

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    Yea, the lites heat races are pretty cool. Main is great too but Cunnigham does a super jackass move on roczen:

    Hanson does an even more aggressive move too and shoves some dude off the track completely. Good stuff.

  3. Silver 7 years ago

    Short is kinda weak but as You said he is getting better every race and seems he is positive in every comment and happy with the bike, but there is pretty crazy competition in Open and every point counts.
    I like Lites better beacuse there are so much young riders who have to prove that they are the best and thats makes them to do some crazy moves. Its been pretty crazy season allready, if everybody stays fit and healthy then it only can come even better.

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