KTM Announces Zero Emission Motorcycle Prototype

KTM Announces Zero Emission Motorcycle Prototype

So the genie is out of the bottle, KTM has made a public announcement about their development of an Electric enduro bike! I got to ride it a month ago and give some test feedback to the team and was seriously, seriously impressed. It feels as quick as a 125sx but is also lighter so you can really throw it around. I will probably get in trouble if I show the photos I have, so I have just posted the ones off dirt rider. This bike with supermoto tyres would be so perfect to get to work and back on. I want one.

Thanks to the intelligent control technology and the most up-to-date energy management, the 90 kg light prototype zero emission motorcycle has a performance that rivals a light Enduro with a combustion engine. Apart from the very low weight, it is the engine’s significantly spontaneous development of torque that is responsible for the distinct dynamic of the zero emission motorcycle.


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