KTM 350 SXF Supermoto – 2rad-hauthaler

KTM 350 SXF Supermoto – 2rad-hauthaler

Stopped by 2rad-hauthaler.at to buy some chain lube and got chatting to them about some bikes.
Love this 350sx-f supermoto they put together. They told me they can also put together road legal EXC versions too. Would be even better than the duke around these mountain roads perhaps.



  1. herecomesduncan 7 years ago


  2. admin 7 years ago

    yea, I want an EXC road version! Might just settle for an SMC though next year.

  3. herecomesduncan 7 years ago

    I can’t see an SMC being much better than what you’ve got – might be a bit but not much, surely.

    I could be seduced by an EXC version but the oil change routine scares me (if I’m right in thinking it’s every 30 hours or something).

    This bike’s given me the impetus to put some gfx together for mine.

  4. zacher 7 years ago

    350 for supermoto should be like a 250f on the dakar hahaha just not right…

  5. herecomesduncan 7 years ago

    Just thought about it – are you talkin about a 690SMC?

  6. admin 7 years ago

    yeap, 690 smc : )

  7. herecomesduncan 7 years ago

    Mmm, I’m still sceptical it would be any better than what you have already.

    I reckon an EXC would work better through the twisties you have. I’d love to see what the 350 feels like.

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