Justin Barcia and Ken Roczen Incident – 2014 Monster Energy Supercross from Arlington

After watching this vid there is no question at all that Barcia’s move was a little sketchy. It worked to shake up Ken as he never challenged him again during the race, but it’s a dangerous way to go about racing. The pass was already made though, so knowing what Bam Bam is like Kenny maybe would have been better off checking his speed a little (since Barcia already took his front wheel away once) and staying clear of Barcia, but  I think Roczen had every right to be pissed. The sport is sketchy enough anyway without moves like that being thrown. Anyway, whatever the case, as a spectator it made for some exciting racing and thankfully this time nobody got hurt, but as a rider and knowing the risks involved I think Barcia was a little out of line.



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