Jeffrey Herlings in Horst 2011

Jeffrey Herlings in Horst 2011

Kid’s so fast in the sand!


  1. Dunc 6 years ago

    Shit the bed he’s quick, seriously makes you wanna go riding.

    I bloody love Jeffers…

    …er not in that way tho ( cough, big manly hugs and stuff :) )

  2. ian 6 years ago

    kid rides the limiter like barcia, awesome stuff.. track looks a bit sketchy tho, metal fences everywhere and trees at track’s edge, yikes

  3. zacher 6 years ago

    thats a sand track… not sketchy at all! I’d rather call it 100% commitment and the rest comes whith going as fast as possible on sand, he’ll lap the entire field in southwick just like RC did back in the days hahahaha

  4. patrick 6 years ago

    I think ian actually referred to all that shit that’s sitting on the side of the track not the track itself. of course it’s a sand track, heaps of fun and herlings is an abolut killer on it! unbelievably fast!!!

  5. zacher 6 years ago

    yeah he is… and he’s right

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