ICON 1000 Triumph Speedmaster

The ICON 1000 Speedmaster is the third collaboration between ICON Motosports and Triumph North America. Crafted in the ICON garage on the stout chassis of a 2013 Triumph Speedmaster, she was a vertical twin of known repute. While her finned cylinders spoke the refined language of an air-cooled era, the twin fork-mounted nitrous bottles shouted in the most egregious modern slang.

Explore the Build: icon1000.com/bike/speedmaster/

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  1. B.D.McGee 2 years ago

    Another lame ass icon bike
    Wow, custom ram air scoops!?
    If you going drag racing get a bike that suited for the task at hand. One thats fast,not some wheezing little twin. It’s ugly too. That seat is horrible and those pipes are a crime on a Triumph. With all the beautiful bends of TT pipes and megaphones in Triumphs racing history , they choose pipes that look like they were bent over the edge of the bench and a rectangular? muffler. This whole thing looks like a committee built, corporate hodgepodge
    typical of a promote profit project not for pure heartfelt passion. I love Triumphs but with this one I’m definitely not feeling it dog

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