Hanger 7 with PJ

Hanger 7 with PJ

Really, really, really enjoying riding this duke.

My old friend PJ came to visit

Some more photos @-273 here.


  1. Max 7 years ago

    Yamaha YZR 500! <3

  2. Rok Bagoros 7 years ago

    Nice idea for visit! Great pics!

    • ptsp 7 years ago

      Thanks man. When you coming? I got some shirts for you, shall i send or hold ’em here for you? Will try and catch u on FB.

  3. Marcus 7 years ago

    That covered Red Bull F1 car look mean! Do you know more about it? Is it just for display of maybe for Le Mans 24h racing?

    An YZR500 supermoto? Bikenstein idea. :-)

    Cheers, Marcus

  4. ptsp 7 years ago

    yea, i think it was made for the new Grand turismo game.
    Can only bikenstein KTM’s, otherwise thats kind of being a traitor to Kiska! WOuld be an insane base though that YZR.

  5. Marcus 7 years ago

    Aha, Now I get it! :-)

    A SuperDuke v4 twostroke then? bits and pieces from a twostroke MX..

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