Best scrub photos

Best scrub photos

Riders basically scrub the jump in order to stay as low as possible. On some jumps going high you waste a lot of time so the quicker you can touch back down the quicker you can get back on the gas. The undisputed king of the scrub is still James ‘Bubba’ Stewart who really pioneered the move. To this day it is still often called the bubba scrub, even though he apparently doesn’t like being called Bubba anymore. Not a bad claim to fame though. It seems there are basically two different ways to do it. One technique is when the body is super offset to the bike axis with one leg straight, the other technique is you keep your two feet on the pegs, turn the bar opposite and crook your elbows which lets you keep your feet on the peg. Anyway, below I have collected the best photos I could find of dudes scrubbing.

Unrelated, but this tune is dope: Blu_Ft_Co$$-City_Of_Los(t)_Ang(e)les…


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