2012 AMA Supercross Rd 3 Los Angeles


  1. MP 4 years ago

    Really good race this time, enjoyed that a lot, especially seeing Chad winning and Dungey taking 2:nd. I’ve got no one here to talk mx with so here’s some random opinions that I’d like to share with… eh… you.
    Chad Reed, my favorite rider, mostly because he actually has things to say that makes sense in the post race interviews and also -he doesn’t “give it up to the man upstairs” every time he gets on the podium like the others, he knows HE won because HE rode his pants off to do so.
    Villopoto, quite the opposite in the interviews, never heard him actually say anything of interest (his tweets are crap aswell) but damn he’s got such a cool riding style, the others look stiff compared to him in my opinion, I really hope he gets like 2:nd or 3:nd in the championship and blames it on the dude above… Dungey, a bit dull isn’t he? But it would be so so nice to see him win this shit for KTM, please please stay consistent (and boring if that’s your thing) and bring it home for us with weak spot for orange…
    I could go on with Stewart and the others, but how pointless would that be, I already made a fool out of myself by writing the stuff above…

    Haven’t found the 250 race yet, any link?

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      I had to unfollow both short and villopoto on twitter because their tweets were doing my head in.. Actually I have nothing against people believing in a christian or any other god, but I really don’t want to hear about it every time they open their mouth.

      As a point of interest, my research into the first mentions of the man upstairs were by the Sumerians. Although it was plural, not man, but men. Clay tablets inscribed around 3000 BC by the ancient Sumerians detail visits by creatures called Annunaki, who flew in vehicles called Shems. These celestial craft were described as being tall, rocket-like “rocks” which emitted fire and came down from the heavens. The Sumerians never called the Anunnaki gods but rather dingir, which means both sky and deity. Sounds crazy, but there are a lot of books on the matter.

      Mos def like Reed most now in that class, although to be honest i always did as he just rides so smooth.

      p.s. For some reason your comment inspired me to set up a new special threaded comment system. Also got email notification of follow up comments now. Default is to not notify, but there is now an option to be notified.

      • Author
        admin 4 years ago

        test to see how this looks!

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      i dont think the 250’s were broadcast. This race wasn’t live either. they alternate who does the broadcasts during the series, some are good, the others are rubbish.

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      Not the only one stoked on seeing reed winning. So funny, hahaha

  2. Dunc 4 years ago

    Mp – Pretty much what I was thinking about rider interviews after Anaheim 1 – the majority of the field can’t string a decent sentence together unless they’re thanking a sponsor or the age old line of their bike ‘hooking up’ on the startline, I bet if I looked at my old vhs tapes from the McGrath/Emig/Carmicheal era it would be the same script.

    You can actually see them trying to cycle through their sponsors in their head as they’re asked podium questions – wonder if Americans are as bored of the stock speil as we are?

    The only rider that stood out for me was Eli Tomac who ran through the race with a cool snapshot of how he felt and never thanked a sponsor at all.

    I’m a little behind at the moment, not finding the time to watch online I’m watching tv reruns a week (ish) behind – makes good breakfast viewing tho :)

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      you could almost make an app out of it with a few buttons: stay consistent, the key, on the box, week in and week out, the man above, keep moving forward, hard work, thanks to…., couldn’t have done it without…… step in the right direction, keep plugging away, etc etc

    • ian 4 years ago

      yes mr p, we americans are quite sick of sponsor pandering as well. it’s the same in any series, just tune it out and wait for the subtle jabs at other riders.. we need the old marcus gronholm style interviews in sx.

      ps- wonder who villipoto was thanking when he smashed his leg to little bits 2 years ago? maybe the man upstairs helps you win, but the man downstairs gets you cross-rutted off triples

      • Author
        admin 4 years ago

        God put the rut there as a message. Getting cross rutted was JC telling him to train harder since everything happens for a reason.

        Another school of thought would however call this Confirmation bias.

      • Author
        admin 4 years ago

        Actually, we might have found a new interview champ, Tomac doesnt use a single Cliche. Cool cat:

  3. MP 4 years ago

    yey! you nerds, I like coming back to Derestricted in the morning seeing 7 comments on this post! I’d like to thank the Sumerians, it wouldn’t have come to this without them!

    In MotoGP they are a bit better I think, almost no comments or thanks to sponsors, more like “thanks to the team for the effort bla bla”, on the other hand -it’s a constant nagging about tires and setups right, but more interesting for sure. Just remembered a post race interview with swedish Dakar-rider PG Lundmark a few years back, it went something like this (please read it with strong swedish sing-song accent for full effect) “…I was ahead of and he was pushing hard to try to pass me, I desperately needed to stop for a pee, but riding in his dust-trail would have reduced the visibility a lot and a slowed me down. So. eh, I peed in my pants and got on with it.” Real insight in the mind of a racer ey! :)

    Piers, I like the idea of the notification thingie, I’m terribly bad at checking the comments after I write something myself, which is a bit daft really… I’d like to give it up to Piers at Derestricted for hooking me up with this new notification-kit! (me: looking in to the web-cam, fake smile, holding up a cup of coffee with the Honda-logo facing the right direction, triple Honda-caps on and designer glasses with brand logo clearly visible around my neck. Can’t keep the fake smile until the camera’s done with the fade out…)

    Have a nice day!

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      Peeing his pants to save time, now that’s a serious racer! Actually talking about it too, thats impressive. You would think it would be something you want to keep secret.

      I wonder if the notification thing actually works, i didnt try it yet, will try it now. You have to click the check box to activate it.

  4. MP 4 years ago

    it’s supposed to be “…I was ahead of (rider name) and he was pushing hard…

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