Racer X Films: 2012 KTM 2 Stroke

Racer X Films: 2012 KTM 2 Stroke

I have always been a fan of 2 strokes having ridden and raced them on and off for over 20 years. A while ago now, when the new generation of 4 strokes started coming out I was really excited to try one. The first time I rode one was when my old boss at Alpinestars, Gabriele Mazzarolo, was kind enough to lend me his YZF250 for a day in LA. My first impression of the bike wasn’t all that great, it was a pig to start and compared to my SX125 felt ridiculously heavy. We were sweating out in the Southern Californian desert and I was so exhausted by the time I got it started I had to wait about 5 minutes before I headed out onto the track. I didn’t like the feel of it much either, especially in the bends. It was easy to clear the jumps and the power was great, but after the nightmare of starting it, especially on the 4th or 5th time I wanted to hit the track, I was completely over it.

In many ways 4 strokes are easier to ride but they cost a lot more money to buy, to fix and they feel heavy compared to 2 strokes. Going back from a 4 stroke to a 2 stroke is a little tricky and you have to get used to the absence of engine braking going into corners, you have to re-learn to keep your momentum and you have to rev the hell out of them but I always have a bigger smile on my face when I ride a 2 stroke. Anyway, quite an interesting article about the 2T VS 4T debate here.

A 2012 KTM 250SX two-strokes costs $6695 and the 2012 KTM 450SXF four-stroke costs $8795. That $2100 price difference could finance your whole racing season.

I had a conversation with Gerald Kiska a while back about 4 strokes and in no uncertain terms he told me he thought they were killing the sport because they cost so much money that they were pushing people out of the sport altogether. With an economy as messed up as it still this rings truer than ever. If you want a motocross bike and are not competing at the top level then you might as well save yourself the money and buy a 2 stroke. You will certainly have just as much, if not more fun.

The new 2 strokes are super fast too, a lot of the top enduro guys still ride and win on them, so it would be amazing to see some guys racing them again at the professional level against the 4 strokes in motocross.


  1. zacher 7 years ago

    haha pingree gives em horns… I like hahaha

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    Yea, he is still wicked quick huh. Dying to ride that 150sx!

  3. zacher 7 years ago

    yeah so do I… even tho the 150 sound on that video is pretty lame compared to what it actually sounds like… even my street legal 125 EXC had more talk hahahaha

  4. patrick 7 years ago

    hey piers – do you know if that 150 is any good? got any feedback from ktm on that one?
    definitely getting an mx bike in the states, but am back and forth between 125 and 150sx.
    man the new ktm strokers are soo nice!! I’m certainly lusting after those.

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      no way, your going to the states?! COngrats man! yea , I heard the 150 is amazing. Would be my bike of choice.

  5. patrick 7 years ago

    saweet!! thought so. already read some reviews about it saying that it’s pretty much amazing. i would call it amazing and MY NEXT BIKE! (:
    yeah – I got the job at tesla and gonna move over end of september. starting date: 3rd of october.
    southern california – mx heaven here I come! (;

    • ptsp 7 years ago

      Happy for you man, wish u a better time there than I had. So many good tracks around temecula. 150 kicks ass for sure. Maybe we will fly down when we visit my mum next in sf.

  6. patrick 7 years ago

    do eeet! gimme a buzz – will sure be good to meet up there!
    thought your mum was living in LA too?

    • ptsp 7 years ago

      Na my cousin does though and I have some friends there too. My mum lives an hour north of sf.

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