Puch VS Duke (R)

Puch VS Duke (R)

Puch is an old Austrian bike manufacturer and you often see old Puch bikes cruising around here in Salzburg. This one was outside the supermarket at lunch and I couldn’t resist a couple snaps with my phone.

I got to thinking how chilled it would be to just get a cheap old bike for cruising around on slowly as I still have no bike.

Later in the afternoon a dude from work turned up with a new KTM Duke r so I grabbed a jacket and helmet (PSP/Kiska designed KTM powerwear) and well, thoughts of an old bike were quickly extinguished!

He took a pic of me with a new Iphone, which seems to take OK pictures, but nothing to get excited about. I had to adjust the levels a lot and it’s still not great quality even at this smaller size.

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  1. Roody 7 years ago

    Oh, it seems that you still have those number plates at the back and the side mirrors :) Nice fender, lol.

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