2012 KTM Duke 690 Powerparts – Pt.2

2012 KTM Duke 690 Powerparts – Pt.2

I posted some similar photos of this version of the new Duke before, but I like looking at it so maybe you do too.


  1. Rok Bagoros 6 years ago

    Don´t do this to me please, i must wait 4 looong weeks to get it :( Can not wait to destroy some tires with the 690 …. rattattatatammm

    Cool pics thanks for posting !

    Rok ON!

  2. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    haha, yea I’m waiting too! Will have to wait longer than you though I guess!

  3. Crazydoy31 6 years ago

    Aouch, I’m in love with this bike, especially the powerpart version! I’m actually facing a cruel dilemma… Continue with my SD 990 or try the new 690 (SMCR or Duke 2012…)???

    Thanks a lot for this blog, it is awesome! Continue this way, i’ll keep follow you.

  4. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    @crazydog I haven’t ridden either of the new bikes yet, but I should be able to get one of each for a test not too long after they are out so hope to be able to help you decide! I preferred my old 690 Duke to the SMC, but only just. The new duke is now very different from mine though and the SMC upgraded so im looking forward to checking them both out. Happy you like the site! Cheers

  5. Patrick 6 years ago

    @ crazydoy – I would definitely recommend to keep your superduke! the new duke is looking good, but you will seriously miss the power of your twin. there’s no other bike out there that matches the sd in terms of every day fun riding on any kind of road – maybe the triumph street triple comes close. maybe.

  6. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    yea, maybe the SMR would come close. Actually I preferred the handling and riding position of the 990 smr to the superduke.

  7. Patrick 6 years ago

    yeah maybe. haven’t tried the smr so cannot judge. but the SD left me seriously impressed!

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