FrankenSMtein bike

FrankenSMtein bike

Ok, it’s blatantly too high to be a dirt tracker, too impractical to be an mx bike, and the seat wouldn’t work so well for supermoto. So what is it? Well, just my weird concept bike I guess! I love the sound and power of 2 strokes, I love the look of flat trackers, I love the handling of supermotos and I am dreaming of getting a bike for the road next summer so this weird hybrid is kind of all of that mixed up together.

On a separate note, thanks to bubble visor for the post on us.


  1. sgeechee 8 years ago

    great to see you did another one!
    This time, i think the proportions are quite offset overall – but strange enough, they work somehow! And it looks like a helluva fun to throw around…
    Well done again!

    • Author
      ptsp 8 years ago

      Thanks man, I made another one thanks to yours and others comments to make another design. You are right the proportions are kind of weird though!

  2. BP 7 years ago

    more fun than a well greased midget

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