PSP concept bike 3

PSP concept bike 3

It’s rather addictive this bike design thing. This one started with a KTM 690 r base, Superduke front mudguard and then I moved on to making  everything else custom. Hard to put it into a box as to which kind of bike it is. As with the other two concepts below I just took lots of things I like from lots of different bikes and remixed it all up into this.

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  1. sgeechee 8 years ago

    Hey, another one again…
    But this time, it could almost be a KTM production bike, i think. Flawless execution. I really like that not-so-totally-modern style tank, its a neat touch against all the edges and lines. it`s not an eyecatcher as the first two where, but well composed. As said, could almost be “real”

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