We headed up to flachauwinkel 45 mins from here this weekend. There is more snow forecast to fall all week. My fractured vertebra is about 70% better so we skiied all over the mountain including some sweet offpiste. yessirr.
The bad news is I got a letter from the polizie regarding my tuned scooter, either I pay 1500 euro in 2 weeks or I have to go to jail for 30 days. Unbelievable. It was still a 50cc, it just had a decent pipe on it. Before they stole it. Bastards.


  1. Hamish 10 years ago

    i take it u’ll be choosin the 30 days option???

    Happy neewwwwwwwww year dude!


  2. Andy WS 10 years ago

    We just got back from a week in Morzine – good snow, then heavy rain, then ice hell, then the vomiting bug, rounded off by blue skies and perfect powder – eventful week.

    Can’t believe they want €1500 off you, time to move on to bank robbing?

  3. Dan 10 years ago

    Hey – Happy New Year!

    Sorry to hear about the fine/time in the nick. That’s a little harsh.

    Like the new site.

  4. Umair 10 years ago

    That’s bullshit! Where are you located? I wanna know where this nonsense is prosecuted…

  5. admin 10 years ago

    It was just across the border in Berchtesgaden, Germany. Yea, it’s fucking ridiculous. I was doing the speed limit which is 70kmh, but a 50cc is not meant to go more than 45kmh. On a main road through a mountain pass with all traffic going at 70, 45kmh is dangerous because you could get hit by a car coming round the corner at twice your speed. The law makes absolutely no sense.

  6. dieter 10 years ago

    oh man. thats rough. at least your skiing again though man. May be going to switzerland for a week in march. you wanna come?

  7. Henry 10 years ago

    30 days free rent and food. It’s a no brainer.

  8. martin 10 years ago

    good to hear that your feeling better, here’s how I’d recommend you to handle your situation with der polizei:

    1. take the 30 days (eg. save your money)
    2. while in jail, do the theoretic part for taking a REAL MOTORCYCLE drivers licence (you’ll have plenty of time to get it done…)
    3. when out, take the damn licence
    4. wheelie past the cops with a fat grin on your face (if they try to fine you, tell ’em the power of the bike totally surprised you and that you had no intention of pulling a wheelie…)

    new site is nice by the way, see you soon!

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