PJ’s new ride

PJ’s new ride

Out with the old…

In with the new..
In many ways I prefered the old 7 series, especially the wheels, but this m Coupe is pretty slick.

Ok, that’s better..
Thanks to Glynn for the (Photoshop) rims..


  1. masta p 10 years ago

    g-unit alwayz doin it big….nice photoshop and like the lip, rear wing and side intakes…

  2. billy d 10 years ago

    I dunno…the 7 looked a bit more baller. You gotta add the P-flava to this one or else it’s just like the one my 50 year old neighbor lady drives! Want me to call Albert for u and get some springs ordered?!? ;)

  3. masta p 10 years ago

    only partime car BD…will get something a bit more practical for the winter…but never too early to contact Albert for some dubs…I put the p in practical…

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