PJ’s Custom painted Arai

PJ’s Custom painted Arai



…with a lil help from Kubica, Lucky Design.


  1. MKSIM 9 years ago

    Great! i love the Kubica’s design too.

    And also the Albers 2007 :



  2. kit 8 years ago

    if i could ahve sex with your helmet, i would. that…. is AWESOME!

  3. kit 8 years ago

    also, gp6 much?

  4. Masta P 8 years ago

    thx…just use protection;) that was still the GP5, I have a GP6 now…

  5. John 7 years ago

    Nice lid man! Question whered you get that alpinestars visor strip?

  6. Jmoney 7 years ago

    nice lid man. Where you get the alpinestars visor strip??

  7. john 7 years ago

    nice lid man! whered you get the alpinestars visor strip?

  8. koskesh 7 years ago

    Thx man…I did those myself for factory alps drivers that wear Arai. There will be some -273 ones soon in the same cut, so check back…

  9. jeff 7 years ago

    Hiya, have you any pics of the front, top and rear of the lid please? (can you email them to me at petersjf7@aol.com) Thanx

    • Author
      ptsp 7 years ago

      Sorry that’s all I have

  10. Northy 6 years ago

    Looks great , I’m looking for one of them alpinestars visor strips , where can I get one ? Thanks

    • admin 6 years ago

      was a while ago now when he got it. Maybe you could try emailing alpinestars though.

  11. Northy 6 years ago

    Ok thanks , I will try Alpinestars direct.

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