Zauchensee – best snow for ages

Zauchensee – best snow for ages

Got by far the best snow today I have ridden for years. Over waist deep in many places and so light. So many lines to claim too and so little time! Was firing on all cylinders. Mad adrenaline.

I like that the nug has a bright base.

2 weeks exactly now since I quit roll-ups. Again. For about the 5th time. Still feeling well aggro. Grrraaaa! Exercise is good. Speed is good.

Elvin took this. Not much going on but I like it. Tap before takeoff.


No photos of the best lines unfortunately, only lines where we slowed down as it got tighter. At the top there were Ollie’s over rock / tree drops into long, steep open powder fields. So epic. I love Zauchensee on powder days.


Steep and deep tree lines all day.

Cheers Zacher and Elvin, was a fun day. Babysitting duty tomorrow and the sun is meant to come out. Ahhhh. Thinking about taking the little man up in a rucksack and skiing with him on my back.


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