Tenerife too

Tenerife too

Wall street dropped a record 778 points today and it is only the start of the week. Dam. At least economic collapse will push the effects of peak oil off a bit. Maybe.
I guess if all fails we could always go and live in a tent by a beach, eat fish and try and get surfing dialed in. Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay? Hmm, decisions, decisions, but not yet.


  1. Mksim 9 years ago


    looks to be a good trip
    you’re very lucky !!

    thx for the report


  2. Author
    admin 9 years ago

    Thanks man, yea, it was good. Balling on a budget.

  3. ptsp 9 years ago

    Interesting take on events by Michael C. Ruppert

    ‘Since 2003 I have told my readers that the destruction of the U.S.economy was planned, essential and a foregone conclusion. It has to do with Peak Oil. There is no economy without energy. The world is running out of oil faster than almost anyone had predicted. Even previously optimistic opponents of Peak Oil have acknowledged that global decline is now between 5.8% and 9% per year. That means that if the world produces 85 million barrels per day this year, it will possibly produce less than 80 Mbpd next year. Demand destruction is conserving a resource for which there is no replacement and this is what has always been intended.’


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