Stella is from Belgium, not France

Stella is from Belgium, not France

Had some friends down from Belgium this weekend, and after their 8 hour drive down, they hit the snow jackpot. I hit the Belgian beer jackpot as they brought down a fine selection of Belgium’s finest beer. Took them out to the Belgian bar in Salzburg in the evening for some more Belgian beer (after the local Austrian Brewery of course). Did you know Belgium has over 135 breweries producing more than 700 different beers? Neither did but I like beer so I was impressed. They were impressed with the snow too so we showed them around a couple of the finest Spots for snowboarding in Salzburgland.  Took the GoPro Camera out for a couple of runs and finally got some nice snow and sunshine. Will try to put together an edit this week.

Benny welcoming Kenson to Sportgastein.

Benny messing with the dog


  1. kenson 8 years ago

    Didn I say that we had 300+ beers and 2million people in Antwerp. Reassuringly belgian! Tnx for the super weekender dude!

  2. mike 8 years ago

    seeeeeeeeck. riding looks so good there. need me some alps in my life.

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