Set off this morning with no destination in mind really, eventually settled on Sportgastein which we had never been to before, just over an hour away. It had only one lift, but it went all the way up to 2650m and offered loads of offpiste. The most I have seen in 2 years here actually. I dont want to make all of you green, but it was kind of epic, the snow, the mountains, the sun and the light were so good, really made me feel alive : p

Hit some nice wide open lines, some tree lines, some windlips, some drop off’s and a few cliffs. It was quite cold, -12.5 degrees at the BOTTOM which meant it was tricky to take photos because your hands lost feeling pretty quick. We ended up blowing every jump photo due to malfunctioning fingers, but a few of the others came out ok:

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  1. Andy 8 years ago

    Looks fantastic, wish I was there – gonna miss the snow while we’re away traveling.

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