1. L... 9 years ago

    Those are some weird looking carrots. Whats this all about? Also what kind of dice has 7 digits on it?!

  2. Henry 9 years ago

    Wow, what a big carrot you have. It even has a little tickler!

  3. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

    Well, the small one we grew in our flowerpot on the windowsill together with loads of other small carrots, and the big one a friend of Jules grew in her garden. I guess it’s the difference between doing it right, and doing it wrong! Jule and I need to work on our greenthumbs…

  4. Ma 9 years ago

    Greenfingers darling! Greenthumbs well thats a new one…trust you to find a new description…!

  5. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

    Ah, maybe I am confusing the Dr greenthumb cyprus hill tune:

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