Puert Viejo, Costa Rica. What is normal?

Puert Viejo, Costa Rica. What is normal?

Random flashback to the Summer. Normal.

This skinny local dude was standing barefoot grinning, with nothing but board shorts and his short surfboard on the edge of Puerto viejo thumbing a lift. Since we were heading down to go surf we stopped to cram him and his board into the trunk of our tiny 4×4 car for the 10minute drive along the potholed dirt track to Coccles. He was a friendly fellow, and we got chatting as we drove. I had broken my board the day before and when we arrived he ended up helping me replace one of the two fins I lost (they only had one). He then taped up a ding in the board with electric tape before using a lighter to melt the plastic tape a bit to seal it, after which it was almost as good as new. We gave him a lift and he helped me fix my board. sweet. He told me he ‘Normally‘ surfs  at least 5 hours every day and he had done his whole life….

…later….some guy from Oregon is in the room next to us with his girfriend and since we shared a balcony we get to chatting. “What do you think of Puerto Viejo?” we ask him. “Well, I don’t know what you guys normally eat, but we normally eat hamburgers” he replied, “and the hamburgers here have ham on them. Like actual slices of ham on top of the burger”. He was a big man, sitting there sweating without his shirt on and he didn’t look impressed.

Normal is a fairly abstract concept.





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